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Private Galleria ENT Center has been serving since 2007 on the side of Adana Galleria Shopping Center facing the Seyhan River, in a closed area of 2200 square meters with a separate entrance. Private Galleria ENT Center, which was built in 3 floors, is not only limited to its own region, but also serves other regions of our country and near-Middle East countries.
Private Galleria ENT Center, which aims at continuous development and serves for individual and public health with an innovative management approach, believes that technology, interest and treatment process are an inseparable trio in order to ensure patient satisfaction, and that patient satisfaction can be achieved if this trio is conveyed in the most appropriate way, and continues its operations in that direction.

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The technologies used in our center are renewed in parallel with the developments in the world, and in the national seminars and conferences, leading names in the field of ENT meet with our physicians and mutual information exchange is ensured.

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Vertigo is the feeling that you or the objects around you are spinning like a peg top. Although it is often described as dizziness, not every feeling of dizziness means vertigo. Complaints such as unsteadiness, wobble, feeling of drunkenness, drowsiness or stepping into the void are not vertigo.

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Promising method in the treatment of nasal allergy: Rhinolight

Rhinolight is a type of visible light that contains high-intensity, a certain proportion of ultraviolet A and B rays. Ultraviolet light shows its effect by preventing the immune system response, which occurs as a result of the nose encountering the allergen substance, from being excessive. We would like to state that this form of treatment is a clinically tested and approved treatment method.

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Attention to Thyroid Nodules

Thyroid nodules are abnormal lumps or masses of different structures and sizes that occur within the thyroid tissue. Most of them are harmless and benign. When they do not reach a sufficient size, they can sometimes not be seen from the outside. Although it is more common in women, cancer is more common in men. Most of the nodules do not show signs or symptoms, that is, they are silent.

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Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Do you feel sleepy while driving or watching TV?
Do you wake up in the morning tired, sleepless and with a headache as if you haven't slept at all?
Do you have a decrease in sexual desire and potency?
Is your blood pressure rising and you can't get it under control?
Have you lost your attention or are you having trouble concentrating?
Attention! You may have a sleep apnea problem.
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