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Op.Dr. R. Hakan YURDAKUL ENT Specialist

Born in Adana in 1967, Op.Dr. R. Hakan Yurdakul started primary school at the age of five because of his impatient temperament. He spent his childhood in the streets of Tepebağ Neighborhood, one of the oldest residential areas of Adana. He graduated from Gazipaşa Primary School, Tepebağ Secondary School and Adana Industrial Vocational High School Electronics Department.

While thinking, "What was I doing in a vocational high school?", he decided to enroll in Çukurova University Faculty of Medicine in 1983. He graduated as the "top scoring student" in 1989. He received his "Otorhinolaryngology Specialization" from the same faculty in 1994. Since then, he has served in various government positions (Çukurova University Medico-Social Unit, KKK Hatay/İzmir Military Hospital, Adana Karşıyaka State Hospital, Adana Çukurova State Hospital). Due to his interest in history, he collects historical papers and documents (ephemera).

In addition to his articles on history published in various magazines, newspapers and websites, he contributed as a guest writer in a book that presents sections from the ancient life of Adana. He also organized various exhibitions featuring the original "Mourning Newspapers" of the period, which were published between November 10-26, 1938. Hiking, camping, horseback riding and travel are among his main interests. Having publications in many national and international journals, Dr. Yurdakul is still working as an ENT Specialist at Adana Private Galleria ENT Center as a founding partner.

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