Aesthetic Nose Surgery / Rhinoplasty


Aesthetic Nose Surgery / Rhinoplasty
Rhinoplasty, which is the most preferred operation among aesthetic surgeries, is an operation performed to obtain a beautiful nose that is compatible with the face and liked by the person himself/herself and his/her surroundings. In recent years, the aim of rhinoplasty is to obtain a natural-looking nose with full nasal functions.

In general, the techniques used in rhinoplasty are divided into two as open technique or closed technique surgery.

The open technique is performed by combining a small incision made in the lower part of the nostrils with the incisions inside the nose. In the closed technique, no incision is made outside, but surgery is performed with incisions made through the nose. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages, but the most important disadvantage of the open technique is the risk of the incision being made in the region seen from the outside. Again, in the open technique, the swelling of the nasal tip skin lasts longer than the closed method.

Significant changes and new technologies have become popular in rhinoplasty surgeries in recent years. One of them is bone processing with the pieza method. In this method, bone is cut with ultrasonic sound waves. Since it does not damage the soft tissues, there is less bruising and swelling.

There are various factors that affect the outcome of rhinoplasty surgeries, some of them are related to the structural features of the patient, and some of them are related to the surgical method applied. Factors such as the thickness of the patient's skin, any previous intervention to the nose area, smoking, etc. affect the result.

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