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Op.Dr. A. Özhan TÜRELİ ENT Specialist

  He was born in 1961 in Istanbul. His entire education life was spent in Ankara. After graduating from Ankara Çankaya Primary School, Ankara Namık Kemal Secondary School and Ankara Atatürk High School, respectively, he graduated from Gazi University Faculty of Medicine in 1985 and completed his education. After graduation, he completed his compulsory service by working as a Practitioner for 2 years, first in İzmir Karşıyaka State Hospital and then in Ankara Numune Hospital Emergency Service. Married to Ms. Tijen in 1986, Dr. Türeli came to Adana in 1987 to start his specialization in Çukurova University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Otorhinolaryngology. After completing his specialization in 1992, he completed his military service at Izmir Military Hospital and immediately started to work as an ENT Specialist at Adana State Hospital. In 1993, he joined Op. Dr. Ahmet Payas and Op. Dr. İ. Şeref Doruk and continued his career at Sevgi Medical Center. In the same year, his daughter Selen was born, and in 2000 his son Tunç was born. In 2007, together with 7 partners, they established Adana Galleria ENT Center, which is Turkey's largest and most equipped otolaryngology center in its field. Dr. Türeli continues his professional life in the same center by taking on administrative duties.

Dr. Türeli's hobbies have always had an important place in his life. He started playing the guitar in high school, and then continued this hobby as the guitarist of the "19 Stethoscope" music group at university. He still contributes to the Galleria ENT Center Spring Parties with his music and continues this hobby with his wife, Ms. Tijen. Dr. Türeli is also a motorcycle, underwater sports and sailing enthusiast. He continues actively in these sports, where he has completed various trainings. Sports cars and electronics are also among his top interests. Hobbies continue to be an integral part of his life.


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The technologies used in our center are renewed in parallel with the developments in the world, and in the national seminars and conferences, leading names in the field of ENT meet with our physicians and mutual information exchange is ensured.
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