Prof. Dr. Levent SOYLU | ENT Specialist

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Prof. Dr. Levent SOYLU | ENT Specialist

Prof. Dr. Levent SOYLU ENT Specialist

Born in Adana in 1958, Dr. Levent Soylu graduated from Tarsus American College in 1976. He graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in 1982 with his wife Merih and went to Mardin for 2 years to do compulsory service. In 1984, their first daughter İpek was born. Levent Soylu, who worked as a general practitioner in Saudi Arabia for 2 years between 1984-86, completed his 2-month paid military service and started his specialization in Çukurova University, Department of Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases in 1986. After receiving his specialization in 1990, he started to work as an Assistant Professor at the same faculty in 1991.

Meanwhile, their twin daughters, Gülru and Gülfem, were born in 1989. He worked with Dr. Jatin Shah on head and neck cancers at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute for 6 months in 1991-92 and became Associate Professor in 1994. Soylu, who worked on head and neck cancer surgery and endoscopic sinus surgery at Johns Hopkins University for 1 year in 1997-98, spent one month at the University of Pennsylvania as an observer. He was appointed as a professor at the same faculty in 1999. Prof. Dr. Soylu, who was the Head of Çukurova University ENT Department between 2003-2008, also served as the President of Çukurova ENT Association between 2002-2006. 

Between 2005-2009, he served on the Turkish ENT-BBC Association Competency Board. Having a total of 96 published publications, 69 in Turkey and 27 abroad, Prof. Dr. Soylu also has a published book called “Practical Pediatric Otolaryngology” and a book called “Otitis Media with Effusion” that he edited. His main areas of interest are head and neck cancers, thyroid surgery and endoscopic sinus surgery.
Prof. Dr. Soylu, whose hobbies are basketball and photography, played basketball in Tarsus Schweppes and Çukurova Sanayi teams until the 6th grade while studying at the medical school. Prof. Dr. Soylu, who retired from Çukurova University in February 2011 with the enactment of the full-time law, continues his professional life at the Private Galleria ENT Center in Adana.

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