Ear Pressure Equalization Exercises


Ear Pressure Equalization Exercises
  • Exercises to work the Eustachian tube:
  • Valsalva Maneuver: Squeeze each wing of the nose with your fingers, then take a deep breath, close your mouth, puff out your cheeks and try to push the air towards your ears.
  • Toynbee Maneuver: It is a swallowing movement with the mouth and nose closed. For this procedure, take a sip of water in your mouth and swallow with your mouth/nose closed.
  • Otovent Maneuver: In this maneuver, a balloon whose mouthpiece fits into the nostrils is used. You can use a hollow cylinder, such as a ballpoint pen, as a mouthpiece. Gently insert a mouthpiece balloon into one nostril, close the other, and try to inflate the balloon by introducing air. Repeat the same process with the other nostril.
  • Move your chin left and right, back and forth.
  • You can apply a warm compress on the ear.
  • Chewing gum is an exercise that can be beneficial because it causes frequent swallowing.
  • When you do the above-mentioned exercises, a "pit" sound from the ear, improvement of fullness indicates that the Eustachian tube is working.

-Air travel, scuba or free diving below 3 meters are not recommended if you have an upper respiratory tract infection such as a cold or flu.
-During flight, the main problem occurs when the plane begins to descend. So when the descent starts, chew gum, eat something or drink water (swallowing motion).
-If you travel frequently by plane and you have problems with your ears, you can use special earplugs that are either sold specifically for flight comfort or made by companies that sell hearing aids by molding your external ear canal.
-In chronic eustachian dysfunctions, if no results can be obtained from drug treatment, ear tube or eustachian tube opening/balloon tuboplasty surgery can be applied to ventilate the middle ear.


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