Recommendations for Our Patients Who Have Undergone Aesthetic Nose Surgery


Recommendations for Our Patients Who Have Undergone Aesthetic Nose Surgery
  • There will be 2 layers of plaster tape and nose mold on your nose to protect and shape the nose.
  • You may need to massage your nose after the nose mold is removed. How to do the massage will be explained to you by your doctor.
  • You may have difficulty in breathing through the nose due to the tampons placed in the nose. You will be told by your doctor after how many days the tampons will be removed.
  • Some pink or red discharge may come from your nose. These are expected and non-significant leaks. However, if you have continuous and abundant blood coming from your nose or nasal passage, you should definitely call your doctor.
  • You can change the gauze pads placed on the tip of the nose as they become dirty.
  • Only use the drugs your doctor gave you. Do not use drugs with blood thinners such as aspirin.
  • Prefer liquid foods on the first day and soft and easily chewable foods on the following days. Do not use straws while drinking liquid foods.
  • Try to keep your head upright as much as possible throughout the day. Take care to use at least two pillows while sleeping. Keeping your head in an upright position will help reduce the edema that may occur on your face after surgery.
  • There may be swelling and bruising under the eyes after surgery. These complaints will go away on their own in 10-15 days.
  • You may feel temporary numbness at the tip of your nose and/or sometimes in your upper lip.
  • Avoid blowing or touching your nose somewhere as much as possible.
  • Do not choose clothes with buttons on the front, T-shirts or turtlenecks.
  • You can brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush.
  • After the tampons are removed, you will feel congestion in your nose for a while. It is forbidden to blow the nose for a week. If you have to sneeze or blow your nose, do so with your mouth open.
  • For two weeks after the surgery, avoid straining, bending over, lifting heavy things, and exercises that require sports and effort.
  • Do not be exposed to direct sunlight for a month (stains may occur on your face).
  • Avoid wearing glasses for at least two months after the surgery.
  • The first appearance of your nose after surgery may seem different to you. Nasal tissues will recover in a period of 6-12 months.
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