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CO2 Laser
One of the laser systems frequently used in the field of Otorhinolaryngology (ENT - Ear Nose Throat) is the CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser. We use it extensively in our clinic, especially in the surgery of vocal cord diseases (nodules, polyps, warts, cancer, etc.) or diseases of the mouth and pharynx such as soft palate, uvula, tonsils and tongue (snoring and sleep apnea, tonsil and cancer surgery, etc.). The superiority of laser surgery is that it causes very little bleeding during the surgery and causes less damage to the surrounding tissues. Recovery time after surgery is faster and less painful. For this reason, the hospitalization period of patients is shortened and they return to their daily lives quickly.

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The technologies used in our center are renewed in parallel with the developments in the world, and in the national seminars and conferences, leading names in the field of ENT meet with our physicians and mutual information exchange is ensured.
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